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Luna the Cat Saved

Dr Anuska was my last hope after my 7-year-old feral rescue DSH cat suddenly started having bad coughing fits in winter 2013. After the fits, her breathing would be rapid and laboured and she would be stressed out and exhausted. Sometimes she would have a fit every 20 minutes – it was heart-breaking. I was afraid I was going to lose her…

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Billy gets his hair (and his life) back!

Billy Stroh (a 6 yr old neutered male Pomeranian) was rather distressed when he first arrived at the Simply Vets practice six months ago.  Depressed, with severe anxiety, he had developed a hair loss condition called Alopecia X (also known as Black Skin Disease). One could mistake him for a Chinese Crested Dog. He had already been to specialists and many general vets for treatment, but Alopecia X is very hard to treat.

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Acupuncture and Crystal Healing Treats Older Dog

This is Robbie. He is an elderly, distinguished gent with liver, kidney, cataract and arthritis problems. He also tends to chew patches on his feet till they are bleeding. He was almost terminal with liver condition 18 months ago but rallied very well on homeopathy and nutritional supplements. Acupuncture and crystal healing have helped him even further and he found his hop and skip again after several years of not being strong enough to do it.

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