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The 7th June Knysna Fires

From Elandskraal to Plettenberg Bay, and beyond, 7 June 2017 will be a date forever etched in the hearts and minds of many along the Garden Route.  It was on this warm and windy day that one of the most damaging fires in the history of South Africa “took flight”, scorching and consuming all that fell in its path.  For days and weeks, local communities, along with thousands who came to their assistance, banded together to save homes and lives.  There is not a single person who does not have a story to tell.  This is ours...

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Tested on People and now Used on Animals

Homoeopathy was developed almost 200 years ago, by the patient and detailed observation of symptoms induced by various substances when administered to volunteers!  I love the fact that it is a system of medicine that was first tested on people, which can now be safely used on animals for healing.  The symptoms, when seen in a sick animal, are treated by substances which, in material dose, may cause these same symptoms in a healthy individual.  They are however safely prepared as diluted homoeopathic remedies. This is the fundamental principle of Homoeopathy… "Similia similibus curentor" or "like cures like".

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Acupuncture - The Ancient Veterinary Treatment

Veterinary Acupuncture was discovered over 3000 years ago. By patient, detailed, meticulous observation of animals and their response to disease over a considerable period, it was discovered that digital pressure, applied to certain points on the body, relieved or cured the signs of disease.  Later, it was discovered that a better effect was produced by inserting a special needle into these points.

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The Sharp End

How would you feel if you had never, in your life, brushed your teeth?  It has been estimated that 80% of dogs and cats over 6 years of age have gingivitis or some other sort of dental disease.

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Tail Docking - The Facts

Members of the public may be surprised to learn that all dogs are born with tails and that removal of puppies’ tails is an unnecessary and painful mutilation. While it may appear strange to see a Rottweiler with a tail, it is only because of what we are accustomed to -it would be equally odd to see a Labrador without a tail!

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Natural Does Not Equal Safe

Just because something is NATURAL it does not necessarily mean it is SAFE!

This is a very dangerous misunderstanding amongst many untrained (however well meaning) individuals. Herbs, tinctures, essential oils and nutritional supplements have very strong material substances which act in a very widespread manner in the body of any individual, having physiological actions often very similar to conventional drugs which in some instances have been isolated from many of these originally natural substances. Many of these substances are highly toxic in high doses, and it is often this toned down effect in much lower doses which we utilise as medicine.

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Natural Flea Control

With the summer sun doing its best and the humidity being so high (especially in the coastal regions, we are finding more and more unwelcome visitors into our homes from outside in the form of tiny little black biting jumping FLEAS that appear to be immune to everything we throw at them! It seems they are resistant to EVERYTHING! 

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Adoption and Related Stress and Anxiety

Adoption is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do for an animal and for your family. These loving creatures would not have a life worth living if it were not for the shelters that take them in and for the huge loving hearts that bring them into their sacred space to love and take care of. It is however a huge responsibility and can also be a great stress or strain on the original members of a family, especially the 4-legged ones.

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